Friday, September 2, 2011

Dinner With Chrissie Wellington

As Tanya Maslach posted a few months ago "What would you do for the opportunity to enjoy a nice casual dinner and a long chat with Chrissie Wellington? A woman who continues to shatter her own world records on course after course around the world. A woman who shows humility and service in everything she does or says. A woman who makes us laugh with her witty humor, makes us think with her intelligent prose and makes us gasp at her penchant for eating large volumes of grub. A woman who is driven by something bigger than herself and her finish times. A woman who is setting more and more records outside the sport of triathlon and paving the way for women to say "I Can" and "I Will."

As the GOTRIbal Expert Swim coach living in Fort Collins, CO, I summited my desire to meet Chrissie and was announced as a winner August 1st to meet 10 other GOTRIbal women Friday night August 26th. This was perfect timing, as I was already going to Boulder to race Irongirl and defend my 2010 title the next day (race report to come).

I drove to Boulder Friday afternoon, stopping to pick up Dura Race Wheels in Berthoud from my Timex Teammate Kim Hager. Thanks Kim! I picked up my race packet at the Boulder Reservoir before heading to Bacca, an Italian restaurant just off Broadway, for girls night out with Chrissie. Walking distance from where Chrissie Wellington lives.

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